Sunday, April 5, 2009

My New Toy and My Failure

So once again I am late posting. I have decided I am not very good at this whole blogging thing, but I really want to keep going so I can document all the happenings of the new baby. And I say the new baby instead of Madelyn because we are still deciding names. I don't know what my deal is but I cannot seem to commit to any name. Part of me thinks its because I just haven't found the right name yet but who knows.

So last week was my birthday. My last year as a twenty something, which hasn't bothered me at all surprisingly, and my wonderful husband got me an iPod Touch! I absolutely love it and have enjoyed it so much. Kendyl also loves it and told her daddy she wants an iPod just like mommy's. It came in handy last Friday when I had to take my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. And I was taking the 3 hour because I failed the one hour the week before.

I failed again.

So today I went to the doctor so they could officially tell me I failed and tell me what is going to happen from here. Apparently I get to look forward to spending 4 hours at the hospital next week, 2 hours with a nurse and 2 hours with a dietician. They are going to lay out an entire plan for the remainder of my pregnancy.

I can't wait.

But on a brighter note my doctor told me she is not too concerned because I was very close to passing. She said it is probably good that we can start watching all of this sooner and we can maybe keep it in line better. She also said she is more worried about preterm labor than the diabetes, but she is hoping that won't be an issue since it was just my water breaking early with Kendyl and not me going into full blown labor.

So hopefully this princess will stay put longer than her big sister and thankfully my doctor has more information this time around so she will be watching a little closer.