Monday, October 26, 2009

Three Months

So this one is a little more timely :). Mady turned three months old on Saturday! I was on a girl's weekend with my sister so I wasn't home to take her pictures, so I had to do it Sunday.

So, what is Mady up to these days? Well...

  • You sleep through the night more nights than you don't.

  • You weigh 10 lbs 9 oz, so you have officially doubled your birth weight.

  • You are 21 1/2 inches long, so that means you are in the 25 % for height and weight.

  • You smile a lot and it seems like you might be trying to laugh

  • You tried rice cereal for the first time and you weren't too sure about it, you struggle to eat it off a spoon but have no problems sucking it down in your bottle

  • You are getting close to outgrowing your 0-3 months close even though you just started to fit in them!

  • You love your big sister and try to watch her constantly

  • You make us all so happy and we couldn't imagine life without you!

We love you baby girl!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we took the girls to the pumpkin patch. Kendyl loved it. Mady slept the whole time.

When we first got there we went for a hayride. Kendyl was a little unsure about it because there were so many people that she didn't know, but overall she liked it.

After the hayride she went to play in the corn. That sounds weird, but they had corn kernels instead of sand for kids to play in. This was Kendyl's favorite thing to play in last year too.

After a little play time we moved on to the pony rides. This actually almost turned into a meltdown because Kendyl did not want a man to be the one walking the pony.

They had a kiddie train type thing. If you look closely you can see Kendyl in the very last car. She had to be as far away from the man driving the tractor as possible. Her fear of men is something else and it frustrates her dad to no end. I am just hoping she outgrows it soon.

After the train she got her face painted. She decided she wanted to look like a kitty cat. It was pretty cute and she kept it on all day!

Kendyl and her daddy shared a funnel cake and then we moved on to looking at pumpkins. I am not sure how I forgot, but I did not get a picture of Kendyl with the pumpkin she picked. I think my defense will be that I had to hold Mady so Daddy could carry the big heavy pumpkin!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fish Fry

So we went to the farm for the annual fish fry. None of us actually eat fish, but it is fun to spend time with my dad and his family. There is always a lot of laughs and Kendyl loves to see her cousins. My dad catches all the fish he cooks so I usually at least try it, but not this year. I am really trying to get in better shape and since I don't really like fish I didn't see any reason to add the extra fat and calories. My stepmom made some mostaccioli that was so good and my aunt and uncle brought potatoes for homemade potato chips (I did try some of those and they were awesome!). Other than that there were a bunch of desserts, most of which I passed on, but I did have some brownies that were amazing.

Part of the fun of the fish fry is riding four wheelers and shooting skeet. I didn't do either of them this year, but I have in the past and it is always fun. Kendyl rode the four wheeler with my sister and absolutely loved every minute of it!

Better Late than Never

Guess who's 2 months old?!?

So here's a little about what Mady has been up to.

  • You slept through the night for the first time at 6 weeks. Now it is almost becoming regular. I am so happy to have a good sleeper, expecially since Kendyl still wakes up most nights!

  • You wore your first 0-3 month outfit this week. You are still so small, but I can't believe how much bigger you have gotten.
  • You love your swing. You like to watch the birds sing and you will "yell" at us if we don't turn on the music.
  • You aren't too sure about your Bumbo seat yet, but we are working on it.
  • You did not have any problems adjusting to spending your days with Aunt Jessica and you have started to be happier in the evening. I guess you were just stir crazy and wanted out of the house.
  • If you are in your car seat, you have to be moving. If you are awake in the car and we have to stop for a red you light, you cry until we start to move again.
  • You love to watch Kendyl, and she loves to have you watch her. She likes to cuddle with you and insists on giving you lots of hugs and kisses. Hopefully she will always like you as much as she does right now!

Its hard to believe you have only been here 2 months because I can't remember life without you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where does the time go?

So I have been back to work for awhile now and I can't seem to find time to do anything. I made a point to take a picture of Mady on her two month birthday, but I have not even taken the time to get the picture off the camera! So hopefully I will be writing that post soon, hopefully before its time for the three month post!

On a completely different note I have decided to start running. I did my first 5K a couple weeks ago and I have another one Saturday morning. I am not very good and I can't run very far or very fast, but I had to start somewhere and I am determined to be able to run one all the way through. I will keep you posted!