Friday, December 5, 2008


So lately Kendyl has been coming up with some pretty funny sayings. I am pretty sure she is hearing people say things are repeating them wrong, but they still make me smile. Last night she told me, "Thank you, here's my dress." After I thought about it for a minute I figured out she was trying to say, 'Thank you and here's my address' which her aunt had said earlier in the evening. How can you not love that?

She has also decided she wants to take ballet classes so she can be Barbie Nutcracker. She told me we can buy her some ballet shoes at Target and she will go to the class and be a ballerina. But she had to make sure I was not going to leave her there alone.

One of her favorite questions right now is, "What time it is?" Just like that with the words switched. And when you tell her she acknowledges it as if she actually knows what you are talking about. She even tries to through times into her sentences. She will tell you that we are going to Target at 10:00. The best part is her conception of time is so distorted. She is constantly saying we did some last night or today and she is off by days, weeks or even months.

I think my favorite is when you ask her if she is doing something and she says, "Yes I ma'am." I think I smile everytime I hear that because she is so serious and does not realize there is anything wrong with what she is saying.

So those are some of my favorites right now. I am sure I will come up with more to add as time goes on.

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