Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We had a fun weekend for Valentine's Day. It started Friday night with a trivia night for my neices (and now Kendyl's) dance school. We had a lot of fun. We didn't win, or even come close to winning, but we laughed a lot and that is always a good night in my book.

Saturday started way too early if you ask me. Kendyl had ballet class, which she absolutely loves! Once she finished dancing we came home and mommy took a nap before we all headed out to dinner with one of my friends and her son. We went to Lotawota Creek and it was really good. It was so good that I won't even complain about the hour drive there and hour and a half wait for a table. I can't really complain anyway because I knew it was far and we went on Valentine's Day (which we really should have rethought). But it was so good. We sat down and immediately ordered appetizers. I ordered a pregnant woman's dream...fried pickles! Kendyl and I loved them.

After dinner we all crammed back in the car a little uncomfortable from all the food, but happy our bellies were full. We headed back to our house and hung out for a while watching TV until our guests left. We stayed up a little later and called it an early night. My lovely husband handed me a folded up page of the Best Buy ad and told me we could go shopping on Sunday. The ad was a picture of a new iPod. I was pretty happy because I have been really wanting a new one.

Sunday we hung out around the house for way too long, but it sure did feel nice. We headed to WalMart that afternoon for some grocery shopping and to pick out my new iPod. On the way in my better, more observant half told me they had Wii Fits. When I asked him how he new he pointed to the guy who had just walked out the door carrying one. So I skipped the new iPod and got the Wii Fit.

Once we got home I busted it out so I could immediately start hula hooping. We had the grandmas over that night and we all enjoyed the Wii Fit. I made Rotel Chicken for dinner and we had some Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake for dessert, it was leftover from trivia night. It was a good night.

When I got up this morning I could barely move my legs. It seems I may have hula hooped a little too much, but it was sure worth it for all the laughs!

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