Wednesday, March 10, 2010

7 Months

I am so bad at keeping up with this lately...

So Mady turned 7 months old on February 24. I just can not believe how fast this is going. I don't really remember thinking that way with Kendyl, but time is just flying by.

So these days Miss Mady is still a pretty happy baby. She is really fighting with some teeth to come in, but so far they are a no show.

She has mastered the art of sitting up and she just loves playing with her toys. She falls over sometimes and will get so mad because she doesn't know how to get back up on her own.

She is such a good eater. She has tried pretty much all of the baby foods and I haven't found one yet that she doesn't like. She tends to growl when the jar is empty because she is mad there isn't more!

She is wearing mostly 3-6 months clothes still, but we have started putting her in some 6-9 months, especially sleepers. She tends to need the length just like her big sister did! We just switched over to size 3 diapers too.

Speaking of big sisters, she is still so fascinated by Kendyl. She smiles so big when Kendyl comes around and loves watching her all the time. Lucky for us, the feeling is still mutual.

She is still such a good sleeper. She will occassionally have a rough night where she might wake up once, but she consistently sleeps from between 8:30 and 9:00 until sometime between 6:00 and 7:30. I am so happy to have a good sleeper! I recommend that anyone with a newborn do everything you can to keep them on a schedule, I am pretty sure that is the trick.

We just love Mady to pieces and can't believe how big she is getting. Sometimes I just want to freeze time, but I know there are so many fun things ahead!

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