Saturday, January 16, 2010


We had a very relaxing Christmas this year and I have to admit, I loved it! We ended up having 6 different "Christmases" which sounds a lot crazier than it actually was.
Our two Christmases were actually the Sunday before Christmas. We went to my dad's family's Christmas at the farm and then by my husband's dad's house. Christmas at the farm was fun and I always enjoy spending time with my dad's family. The girls both got lots of great presents and Kendyl just loves playing with her cousins.

Our next stop was just as much fun. Kendyl got to play with my husband's stepbrother's two boys and eat sweets, so you know that was a good time for her. Kendyl got some really cute earrings that she has been wearing ever since and some other good stuff.

Our next Christmas was with my mom's family on Christmas Eve. My brother, sister, mom and I actually met up before everyone else got there to exchange our presents. The kids all got really good presents. Once we were done opening our gifts, the rest of the family arrived. We had a good time visiting and enjoying great food.

That night my mother in law spent the night so she could be here Christmas morning to see the girls open their presents. Kendyl and Mady both cleaned up with Santa. Kendyl got a Barbie Dream House and a Princess scooter and Mady got a cute playmat and a Follow me Fiona dog. They also got tons of presents from us and I think they had a great Christmas.

Once they were done with presents, my mom and her boyfriend came over with my grandma and we all had breakfast. Then we had a relaxing day waiting for the rest of my in laws to show up and eat the first Christmas dinner I have ever made. (It was good in case you were wondering.)

There was some family that was supposed to come in from Joplin, but they got snowed in and didn't make it until the next day, which meant one more day of opening presents :). The girls got matching tu tus and hair bows that I ended up getting their pictures taken in.

The last Christmas was actually on New Years Day once my brother got in town. He got Kendyl Zhu Zhu pets and accessories and Mady got a Jumperoo.

So despite my two daughters being little spoiled, they totally enjoyed all of their Christmases.

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