Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its About Time!

So right now I am sitting on my driveway enjoying the most beautiful Saturday we have had in a long time. My hubby took Kendyl for a wagon ride to get the mail. Since we live in a new subdivision we don't get mail delivered to our house, we have to go by the sales office to pick it up. Once our street is 80% complete (which will probably take forever since we are in a recession and all) they will actually start putting in our mailbox! :)

So back to the wonderful weather we are having. I actually got to sleep with the windows open last night! I just loved every minute of it and I slept so good. The fresh air just makes everything better, even waking up a bunch of times because the blinds were blowing in the wind. I know this weather isn't going to last long, but it sure feels like spring is here. We have to "spring forward" our clocks tonight which just means it has to be getting closer to warmth.

I think the part of spring I am looking forward to the most is finally getting grass! I am so sick of looking at this mud. My wonderful OCD husband actually shoveled the mud off our sidewalk today and I can't wait for the day we can move the grill to the patio and start having some barbecue again!

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