Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Opinions Please

So after much debate and changing my mind many times I think I may have finally decided what to call this little girl that is growing inside me. Now I know I am opening myself up to lots of criticism here but I really want opinions. So if you read this, even if I don't know you, please tell me what you think.

My name of choice right now, and hopefully not changing anymore is...

Madelyn Elizabeth Heitland

Kendyl made the final decision. As we were sitting at dinner tonight I was asking what she thought of different names. She informed me she didn't like any of the names except Madelyn. She also picked Dixie for the middle name but I am over riding her!

So if you love it or hate it, please let me know. And if you hate it please give me some suggestions! I won't promise that I will change my mind because I have liked Madelyn for a long time and it was originally my first choice, but I love to hear other ideas in case something jumps out at me.

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