Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Baby Girl

So in case you missed the last post...its a girl!

I am so excited and so is Kendyl. I really wanted her to be able to have a sister and she was determined this baby was a girl. I would remind her the baby could be a boy and she would say, "no Mom, him's a girl." It was the cutest thing!

So now that we know she is a girl we have to start making some decisions. We have tossed around a few names and so far Addison Elizabeth is in the lead. Kendyl and I also like Madelyn Dixie and I just love Reagan Hope. Unfortunately I have already been reminded a couple of times the little girl in the Exorcist was named Reagan so that one is probably out!

I think I am most excited to plan the nursery. I am pretty sure I want to put her name (whichever one we choose) on the wall like we did with Kendyl. I am leaning toward purple of some sort and I actually found some bedding at Babies R Us that I like. It is purple and chocolate brown and it has big daisies on it. It will be so cute! Now if I can just talk the hubby into letting me get a new crib...


The Boni Family said...

Thanks to Twitter I found your blog. I like Madelyn and Addison but Madelyn I fav more. I always wanted a girl name Maddi.

Erin said...

Well if you ever logged into Dani's blog you would have found it because I follow you on there!