Sunday, May 10, 2009


Easter was the week before my brother came. We had been looking for an afternoon Easter Egg Hunt for a couple weeks since Kendyl has ballet on Saturday mornings and we finally found one. A local church was sponsering The Great Egg Chase the day before Easter at 2. We thought it was perfect.

We went with Andrea and Gabe, Theresa, Landon and Braden, and Jessica, Jason, Ashley and Reilly. Oh and what seemed like millions of other people! The church sent mailers to everyone's house and put up a billboard and since it was a beautiful day, there were a lot of people there.

They held it at TR Hughes Ballpark and when we pulled up I thought there may have been more people there for that than there was for Fourth of July last year. We finally found our way in and went to the section for 2 and 3 year olds. There were so many people that Kendyl only got 4 eggs, but she didn't seem to mind.

After the Easter Egg Hunt Reilly, Andrea and Gabe came over to dye Easter Eggs. The kids all seemed to really enjoy it and I think C was pretty into as well.

Once they finished with the eggs they went and played outside while Andrea and I searched the internet for baby bedding.
Easter morning we went to C's mom's house for breakfast. We woke Kendyl up so she could see what the Easter bunny brought her. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of her basket. She got lots of candy, a little lawn chair, a big bottle of bubbles and a hula hoop.
Once she played a little we got her all ready for the day. Here she is in her Easter outfit. The sweater and hat still fit from last year which made me super happy because we kind of over spent a little.

When we got home from breakfast we had to start getting ready to have everyone over for Easter dinner. We let Kendyl enjoy her hula hoop all afternoon. Don't mind the panties, we didn't want her to get chocolate on her dress!

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