Sunday, May 10, 2009

Long Weekend in San Diego

For my birthday and our anniversary, C got me tickets to San Diego. It just so happened we fly out 3 days after my brother left from his visit. We both love, love, love San Diego so we were really excited. It was hard to leave Kendyl for 5 days, but it was nice to get away just the two of us.

Normally when we visit my brother there is a lot of alcohol involved, but this time I couldn't drink so there was lots of food involved. Unfortunately I had to watch my sugar levels so I didn't get to enjoy some things as much as I would have if I would have gone a couple weeks earlier, but its all good!

Here are a couple pictures of one of the beaches. I think this might be in Oceanside, but I can't remember for sure.

Here is a picture inside Hodad's. It has been voted the best burgers in San Diego and they weren't kidding! And the other picture is my brother's friend Romel by the Hodad's van.

After we left Hodad's we decided to drive to Carlsbad to see the flower fields. They were really neat looking, but once we saw the $10 price tag to get in we decided to skip it and take pictures from outside the fence.

That night we went to The Shout House. It is a dueling piano bar in downtown San Diego. We all had so much fun and I think once I am not pregnant I am going to have to make a date at the Jive and Wail here so I can experience one with beer!
Here are some pictures of us. A bunch of my brother's crazy friends went with us and I am pretty sure everyone had a blast!

All of this happened on Saturday, which happens to be the only day I really brought my camera. We went to Ikea on Friday and bought some stuff for our house. We also went to Dick's Last Resort for dinner that night. It was a pretty cool restaurant that served food in metal buckets.

Sunday we went and watched Romel play softball and then to see Obsessed. That night we had dinner at a restaurant on Mission Beach, I believe it was called Canes. We got to sit on the roof and look out at the ocean. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching movies at PJ's house.

We left on Monday after a nice lunch at a pizza place. We left that afternoon and our flight was almost an hour late taking off. After a near miss on the connecting flight, we made it back to St. Louis.

We picked Kendyl up the next day and hung out with my grandpa. It was a nice relaxing few days and it was much needed.

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