Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Finale

So I have a funny Kendyl story and I am kicking myself that I didn't take any pictures so you can get the full effect, but some of them would have been inappropriate. So enough rambling, on to the story.

Let me just start by saying that Kendyl loves Fergie. In fact our local radio station has been playing a game that used Glamorous as the theme song and the first time she heard the commercial for it she had huge tears in her eyes because, in her words, "that was Glamorous and they didn't let it play." So she is a little bit of a fan.

Last night C gave her a bath right before American Idol, but we always let her play in the water once she is clean. So once Idol started she was still in there. We kept calling out to her to see if she was done playing yet and the answer was always no. So when the girls of the top 13 started singing Glamorous I looked at C.

He said too bad she is going to miss this, she would really like it. I told him to turn it up so she would want to get out of the tub and come hear it. So he turns it up and we hear. "Plause it!" (By the way that is not a typo, she really says plause instead of pause.) So he pauses it and she calls out, "OK, I will tell you when I am done so we can watch it." Just like that. She thought we would just wait for her to be ready. So I told her if she wanted to watch it with us she needed to get out of the tub.

Next thing I hear her fumbling with the drain, the water start going down and her splashing her way out of the tub. She came running in the living room in nothing but a towel that really wasn't covering anything and told us she was ready.

She sang along through Big Girls Don't Cry and thought that was it. Until Boom Boom Pow started. She begged us through shivering teeth to pause it so she could go get some jammies on, which of course we did. She came running back in half dressed ready to go!

Let me just tell you the facial expression my child makes while dancing are priceless. This would be why I am kicking myself for not taking pictures. To see her face when she is so serious and doing karate kicks in the air, oh it is priceless.

Once Boom Boom Pow ended she was asking if Clumsy was going to be next. I guess she thought she was at her own mini Fergie concert. Then she informed me she thought Britney was going to sing Womanizer. She was only a little disappointed because C rewound it and let her watch Fergie again.

And let me just say how happy I am that Kris Allen won! It is very rare that C and I root for the same person on Idol and we both loved him! When they announced that he won C let out a little yell and scared Kendyl, but we all went to bed happy.

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