Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we took the girls to the pumpkin patch. Kendyl loved it. Mady slept the whole time.

When we first got there we went for a hayride. Kendyl was a little unsure about it because there were so many people that she didn't know, but overall she liked it.

After the hayride she went to play in the corn. That sounds weird, but they had corn kernels instead of sand for kids to play in. This was Kendyl's favorite thing to play in last year too.

After a little play time we moved on to the pony rides. This actually almost turned into a meltdown because Kendyl did not want a man to be the one walking the pony.

They had a kiddie train type thing. If you look closely you can see Kendyl in the very last car. She had to be as far away from the man driving the tractor as possible. Her fear of men is something else and it frustrates her dad to no end. I am just hoping she outgrows it soon.

After the train she got her face painted. She decided she wanted to look like a kitty cat. It was pretty cute and she kept it on all day!

Kendyl and her daddy shared a funnel cake and then we moved on to looking at pumpkins. I am not sure how I forgot, but I did not get a picture of Kendyl with the pumpkin she picked. I think my defense will be that I had to hold Mady so Daddy could carry the big heavy pumpkin!

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