Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sleep is one of my absolute favorite past times. Maybe its because I don't feel like I get enough or maybe I just really enjoy the quietness of nighttime. Right now I am sitting in bed wishing my lovely mini me would just go to sleep. We seem to have this routine every night where she fights sleep with all she has and ends up staying up way past her bedtime, not to mention me. I have found myself falling asleep before her the last few nights. Granted this head cold is bound to have something to do with that, but still...she's only 2.

Here is what I don't understand. At what point did I go from not wanting to miss anything to thinking everything will wait until morning? I am sure I used to be somewhat similar to the little one. I can remember staying up late in my room with my sister giggling. Now its almost like I am watching the clock trying to decide if its too early to go to bed.

I just keep telling myself this will get better when we move into the new house. Speaking of the new house, we have less than four weeks until we close and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. But back to what I was saying...I am sure once we move and things get closer to normal she will go back to her 8:30 bed time. And as long as she is going to bed at 8:30 she won't be so much of a bear in the morning.

In the meantime I guess I will just have to listen to her great 2 year old reasoning on why she can't go to sleep yet. I am pretty sure I just heard her say it is too windy outside to sleep. And no we don't have any windows open. That must be some pretty powerful wind. :-)

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