Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

Normally I would not say I am happy to see a weekend end. I live for weekends. If I had my way the weekend would be much longer than the work week. But this weekend is one I am happy to see end. It was long and emotionally draining and its not one I would like to repeat anytime soon.

Let me back up a little...Back in March my husband's grandmother came to live in St. Louis with his mother. She had spent all of his life living in Great Bend, Kansas, but she could not take care of her self any longer so she came to live with his mom. I am pretty sure he had mixed feelings about this. He was happy to have his grandma so close when she has spent all of his life 8 hours away, but the fact that she moved here was a sign that her time was limited.

Well Wednesday was the day we got the dreaded call. She had passed away. So Thursday we left work a little early and headed out to McPherson, Kansas, which is about an hour from Great Bend. We got there pretty late and started our weekend. Firday was the visitation and Saturday was the funeral.

I was surprised at how much my heart hurt for my husband. I mean his grandmother had been sick since we got married and it was just a matter of time once she moved here, but it was still very sad. He has told me so many stories of his time in Great Bend and I remember how excited he was when we made our one trip out there. He wanted to show me his favorite place as a child.

Great Bend was his place. It was his place where everything was happy and all the memories were good. And now it is a place he probably won't be back to for a very long time if ever. His grandparents were the only family members that lived there and now they were gone.

She was also his last living grandparent, not something I can relate to. I am very fortunate that I still have all of my grandparents and a great grandparent. So I can't imagine not having any of them. My heart ached because our daughter will probably not remember his Granny and there isn't anything I can do about it.

So we spent this weekend saying good bye and made the long trip back home today. But just because we aren't in Kansas anymore doesn't mean Granny is far from our minds.

Rest in peace.

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