Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day

So I have decided I am really bad at posting! Memorial Day was like 3 weeks ago, but this is the first time I have been motivated to post what we did. So basically we went to McPherson, KS to visit with the hubby's extended family. They have a tradition of getting together Memorial Day weekend and putting flowers on the graves of all the family members that have passed away. Since this was the first year to put flowers on Granny's grave we wanted to make sure and go.

So we headed out Friday afternoon about one and we arrived in McPherson about seven. That night we had dinner at Applebees and laid low in our hotel room. The next morning we headed to C's aunt's house so they could all get their flowers together.

We went with the group to the cemetary in McPherson, but they also go to some out of town places that we skipped. It was nice to let Kendyl pick some flowers for Granny and she enjoyed helping to put flowers on the other graves as well.

Once we split up from the group we headed to McDonald's with C's cousin and Kendyl. They played in the play area and we all had lunch. We left there and headed to Wally World to try and find Kendyl some Crocs but struck out again. I am really having a hard time finding her some this year and I am not willing to pay full price for real ones so I will just keep looking.

After Wally World we took the girls to a park so they could play outside. Of all of our trips to Kansas I would have to say we had the best weather for this one. It was beautiful and not too windy so we enjoyed ourselves.

That night we had barbecue at C's aunt's house with all of his extended family and Kendyl had soo much fun playing with the kids. She was so sad when it was time to leave but we finally drug her away and we all headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

The next morning we headed back over and took the girls to the playground down the street so they could play. We taught Kendyl how to swing on the big girl swing and she was very excited. Eventually we headed back to the house and waited for everyone to start showing up.

Once everyone got there we enjoyed some fried chicken and other yummy food for lunch and all the kids (big and small) got ready for the water balloon fight. This is one of the things they all look forward to. Kendyl was fighting her nap so bad but I promised to wake her up before they started.

They all had a blast getting soaked. Kendyl is not a huge fan of getting balloons thrown at her, but she loves to throw them. Lucky for her she had a little protection because Daddy held her the whole time. I think it was partly because he wanted to have a shield but who am I to judge.

After the water balloon fight we split into groups for their version of the Amazing Race. This is always fun, but it is very challenging for those of us that are out of towners. They always balance the teams out pretty good though so we were off.

My team finished last once again, but we all still had a good time. After the race we enjoyed some homemade ice cream and visited until it was time to head back to the hotel. Kendyl was so upset when it was time to leave, but we let her stay as late as we could.

We headed back home the next morning and made it back by early afternoon. We spent the remainder of the afternoon hanging Madelyn's name in her room and lounging around the house. Her room is coming along quite nicely and we are getting so excited to meet her.

And by the way her name is now official...Madelyn Dixie Heitland.

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