Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Recital

I am not sure if I have mentioned Kendyl's dance class on here or not, but she has been taking class since January. She wanted to be a ballerina like Barbie so I told her that once she was potty trained she could take dance classes. So she has been dancing her heart out every Saturday morning since in preparation for the big recital. May 30 was recital day and dress rehearsal was the night before.

So I am pretty sure Kendyl's favorite part was getting her hair pulled in a bun and getting makeup put on. Let me just say I was not too thrilled with the whole makeup part at all. It felt like I was turning my sweet child into one of those girls on Toddlers and Tiaras, but she loved it and it was only a couple of days so I got over it.

She didn't do a whole lot of dancing at the dress rehearsal, which did not surprise me at all. I took video and I will try to put it on here but I have not had any luck with videos so far so don't hold your breath. I just tried to upload the video but it didn't work. If I ever figure it out I will come back and add the video.

Kendyl had so much fun at the dress rehearsal. She found a friend her age and they played like crazy until I told her it was time to go. I was hoping that if she was very familiar with the building she might open up a little more during the recital and actually dance.

I was wrong.

My little girl was so freaked out by it all that the only movement from her on stage was the twirling of the bow on her costume.
Lucky for us she has decided she doesn't want to do dance anymore. She starts swimming lessons in a couple of weeks and she wants to do gymnastics in the fall.

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