Sunday, June 28, 2009

Biggest Team in History!

We participated in the Koman Race for the Cure this year on Team Breadhead. We were officially part of the biggest team in Race for the Cure history! The race was two days after Keith Urban so I had a long couple of days. It was also the same day as my grandpa's memorial service so I was pretty spent by the end of the day.

We got up at 6 so we could get ready, pick Melissa up and head downtown for our 8:30 team picture. As soon as I woke up I rolled over and asked C why we were doing this again. He reminded me it was for a good cause as I dragged myself out of bed. Next time I think I will pay the extra $5 and sleep in for the cure!

We rode the Metrolink down, another thing we didn't think all the way through. We should have just drove in the interest of protecting baby Madelyn from getting squished by all the people crammed in the train.

We finally made it downtown and pregnant girl was on the search for a Johnny on the Spot. I found one and saw the lines 12 people deep and thought for sure we were not going to make the team picture. We went down to the end and somehow found one with no line. It was handicapped so I am guessing people thought they couldn't use it. It worked out great because Kendyl had to go too and I am pretty sure that was the only one we would both fit in!

We left that area and started racing to the library steps for our big team picture. We missed it by 3 minutes...quite disappointing. Oh well at least we got cool shirts that said Fight Like a Girl! We spent the rest of our time walking around the different booths and just enjoying everyone coming together for such a great cause.

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