Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rascal Flatts

I really enjoy going to concerts and I am proud to say that I generally don't pay for them. Quite often I seem to come into free tickets or I win some off the radio. Usually if I can't go for free then I am not going. I have a hard time spending $40 or more on concert tickets. So when a friend of mine suggested we go see Rascal Flatts, I was reluctant to spend the money. She told me tickets would be $37 so I gave in. For the record this was the first concert I have paid for in at least 5 years and I have seen some pretty good show.

Unfortunatly, as much as I love Rascal Flatts music, they just don't put on that great of a show. The best part of the entire night was when we got to upgrade from the lawn to real seats for $10 because they didn't sell out. This was good because we were closer to the stage and I was pretty sure if I sat on the lawn I was not going to be able to get up!

Here is my personal review of the concert. Cleetus T. Judd was the first act (by the way I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but its the best I can do). His songs were funny but I don't remember what the were called. Next up was Darius Rucker, aka Hootie. Hootie rocked. He actually sang old Hootie songs so that was cool.

Rascal Flatts ended the show. They didn't seem to stay on stage very long. The whole concert started at 8 and was done by 11. They sound great when they are on stage, but they could have stayed on longer. My favorite part of their segment was when they called Darius Rucker back onstage and they all sang Hold My Hand together.

Overall I don't think I will pay to see them again. Sadly this is the second time I have seen them (the first was free) and I left a little disappointed both times. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

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