Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 4, 2009

I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon. We set up the remainder of my appointments and scheduled a C Section date. I will be going to the doctor twice a week for non stress tests starting June 15. I still have to see the high risk doctor June 17, but hopefully he won't want to see me after that.

Hopefully I will go into labor on my own and won't need a C Section, but if Madelyn doesn't come out on her own my doctor will be going in after her the last week of July.

So in light of the upcoming birth of Madelyn, C and I thought it was time to crack down on Kendyl's sleeping habits. I am not ashamed to say we are bribing her to stay in her bed. I also used this same tactic with potty training and got the results I desired so I figured why not use it again.

So the big bribe was 10 nights in a row in her own bed all night and we could go to Chuck E Cheese. She accomplished this and only had to start over once. So off to Chuck E Cheese we went.

Once we left Chuck E Cheese Kendyl and I went to my grandma's house to visit with my grandpa. He had not been doing well and the hospice nurse thought he only had a couple of days to live. Once I got there I found out she had told my grandma they didn't expect him to make it through the night.

My grandpa has been sick for quite a while. I think it was 9 years ago that he had a bunch of strokes in one day and he hasn't been the same since. When I would see him he knew who I was, but couldn't remember my name. He went on hospice a little over 2 years ago right around the same time I got married but he was doing better and they took him off. About a month ago, they called hospice back in; they brought in a hospital bed and grandpa hadn't gotten out of it since.

It wasn't too long after the nurse left that he passed away. I am so glad I was able to get there before he died. I will miss my grandpa terribly but I am glad he doesn't have to deal with all the sickness anymore. He was an amazing man and I know I am not the only one that misses him.

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